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SIA Works with U.S. Customs to Combat Counterfeit Semiconductors

Posted by Al Kiel on May 15, 2014 8:57:35 AM

electronic-1America depends on semiconductors, the tiny chips that enable all electronics.  But like other products, semiconductors can be counterfeited, and these counterfeits can end up in critical consumer, industrial, medical, and military devices, potentially undermining our public safety and national security. SIA is actively working to raise awareness of these threats and to reduce the supply of counterfeit chips.   Read More:  CLICK HERE

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House Armed Services Committee Update on DNA Marking as Counterfeit Prevention

Posted by Al Kiel on May 12, 2014 2:32:04 PM

Applied DNA Sciences announced that a report on the use of DNA marking on microelectronics was included electronic_partin legislative language in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2015 by the U.S. House of Representatives Armed Services Committee (HASC). The language provides further that the Department of Defense will evaluate expanding anti-counterfeit measures to additional classes of technology deemed high risk. 
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How a Salesman Became a Freak About Quality Control

Posted by Jesse Silverman, Esq. on May 7, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Sitting behind a desk all day far removed from the manufacturing lines of a large OEM or prime defense contractor has the potential to leave you a bit numb to the reality that the less than glamorous nut or bolt or washer you are quoting is in reality a crucial part of a larger assembly relied upon by the men and women CRASHwho operate the final product. Similarly, the quality codes that appear on the RFQ you receive are not cumbersome hurdles simply there to make your life more difficult. They are there to ensure that the parts you send to your client are in fact capable of withstanding the rigors, stress, heat, vibrations and other harsh treatment they’ll be subject to in application.

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According to USA Today - The Nine Most Counterfeit Products

Posted by Al Kiel on May 6, 2014 8:30:00 AM

Here is a quick list of the nine most counterfeit products in the US.

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X-Ray Inspection Techniques Identify Counterfeit Electronic Components

Posted by Al Kiel on May 2, 2014 9:49:00 AM

chipRadiography (or x-ray inspection) is a ubiquitous technique to all recent and upcoming counterfeit detection standards, including IDEA 1010B, CCAP 101, AS5553, AS6081, and AS6171.

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Symposium on Counterfeit Electronic Parts and Electronic Supply Chain

Posted by Al Kiel on Apr 29, 2014 9:59:00 AM

June 24-26, 2014 
College Park Marriott Hotel and Conference Center
College Park, MD

SMTA and CALCE University of Maryland are pleased to announce the 2014 Symposium on Counterfeit Electronic Parts and Electronic Supply Chain. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from and share your insights with experts from government, industry and academia who are addressing the counterfeit problem.

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Former CEO of Simi Valley Company Found Guilty of Selling Counterfeit Parts to the Navy

Posted by Al Kiel on Apr 25, 2014 10:04:22 AM

batteriesLOS ANGELES – A federal jury has convicted the former CEO of the Simi Valley-based battery distributor Powerline Inc. of defrauding the government by selling more than $2.6 million in cheap, knock-off batteries to the U.S. Department of Defense. 

Read more:  http://www.justice.gov/usao/cac/Pressroom/2014/045.html

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Buyer Beware, Counterfeit Components Can Kill

Posted by Al Kiel on Apr 17, 2014 10:40:00 AM

As a defense and aerospace sourcing specialist, we backstop the US Military’s supply chain for obsolete and hard to find items.  We track down and procure items unavailable through authorized sources of supplygrimreaper for organizations like NASA, The Defense Logistics Agency and the nations top Aerospace and Defense contractors. Our core focuses are backstopping our clients authorized supply base, and ensure that obsolete and hard to find electronic and mechanical components do not cause a work stoppage, or a counterfeit component to pollute their supply chain. What is unique about our business is 

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Protecting One Of The Most Likely Counterfeited FSC Codes

Posted by Jackie Puleo on Feb 10, 2014 12:38:00 PM

Federal Stock Code 5962 are Microcircuits — electronic components that go on green circuit boards that exist in most things electronic.  FSC 5962 Microcircuits are one of the most likely FSCs in the federal supply chain to be counterfeited.  In case you were not aware, there currently is a worldwide epidemic of counterfeit electronic ewaste-newcomponents.  In short, the e-waste we are recycling (things like computers, televisions, cell phones, etc.) is often shipped overseas to be salvaged and sent back to the supply chain as individual components.  This pandemic has not only polluted the global supply chain, but also the US Military's supply chain.  As my company is heavily involved in mitigating counterfeit components for its clients, I decided to write this post on the topic of the Defence Logistics Agency’s (DLA)  QTSL Program.  My role is to support the DLA and DoD buyers and engineers in supplying their hard to find parts.  My company is qualified to supply these 5962 Microcircuits, and I often encounter folks within the DLA that are unsure of what the QTSL program is and how it works.  I am hopeful that this post can offer insight to some of the questions and concerns they may be having.

Qualified Testing Suppliers List

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AS6081 Counterfeit Avoidance Standard: Protecting Your Supply Chain and Reducing Cost

Posted by Jesse Silverman, Esquire on Jan 16, 2014 9:27:00 AM

With most anything new questions, uncertainties and misperceptions are bound to occur. The introduction and implementation of the AS6081 Counterfeit Avoidance Standard is no different. One objection or umbrella_riskmisperception that I hear most often centers on the testing requirements called out in the standard. Similarly, I’ve encountered questions regarding why a buyer would ever engage an AS6081 certified independent distributor when there are manufacturers out there who specialize in the manufacture of otherwise obsolete components.

The goal of this blog is to address these two legitimate concerns and to shed a bit more light on the AS6081 process. Prior to engaging in an analysis of these two issues though let’s examine the reasons why we are talking about counterfeit avoidance. Note, for the purposes of this blog I am focusing on the mitigation of counterfeit electronic components. Counterfeiting of hardware is certainly a problem too – here is a link to a recent story highlighting an example of this exact thing – but AS6081 focuses exclusively on electrical, electronic and electromechanical parts. AS6174 addresses the procurement and counterfeit mitigation of materiel (all other products other than electronic parts).

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