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Obsolete Electronics

Posted by admin on Jan 30, 2013 5:50:20 AM

Anyone tasked with procuring obsolete and hard-to-find legacy electronic components understands that finding a trustworthy and reliable independent distributor or broker can be an incredibly difficult task.


MFG Certs, Traceability, or Test Reports

Secure Components has structured a unique business model that allows us to buy and sell obsolete and hard-to-find, “life-critical electronics” in such a way that we can remain profitable, competitive, and ensure the end user receives a quality and authentic product that is safe. As an AS6081 compliant supplier, we are well positioned to conduct business in a manner that is congruent to the high-quality standards we promote. We seek to do business with clients that understand the value of the service we provide and want to work with us to accomplish the difficult tasking procuring authentic obsolete electronic components. We will not jeopardize our integrity for the sake of offering the lowest price, and we only work with those clients who value quality and relationships over the cheapest price. The parts we sell with come with MFG Certs, traceability proving chain of custody history, or third-party Test Paperwork that has been approved by our customer.

Leveraging our global procurement advantage

We capitalize on our proven ability to leverage our knowledge and industry relationships to safely procure obsolete authentic electronics from nontraditional sources via the global marketplace. Through our relationships, we have access to more than 3,500 manufactures globally with excess material that we can procure. In addition, we have the ability to utilize onsite inspectors in more than 16 countries to perform physical site visits to investigate these sources of supply. This provides us with a significant competitive advantage in procuring hard-to-find electronics, saving clients time and money.

Transparency through Certification and Oversight

The industry has undergone significant changes in the past decade. The increased counterfeit activity has skyrocketed, and millions of electronics components have counterfeit look-alikes circulating throughout the global marketplace. New purchasing rules must apply to the entire supply chain to ensure a safe transaction can occur. This is the exact goal of AS6081. By bringing an elusive industry from the shadows through the transparency of AS6081, we finally have an offensive plan to bring the fight to the counterfeiters with clear direction and oversight. AS6081 levels the playing field for companies more interested in doing the right thing than simply completing a transaction.

Protection through Partnership

Do not wait until your supply chain has been infected with a counterfeit. By partnering with Secure Components, your company and your customers can rest assured that we are doing the right thing to ensure we ship a safe and quality product. We are hopeful this will earn us a visit from your quality or procurement professionals to examine closely how we can partner with your organization to be a quality supplier of electronic components to your company.

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