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IPC Training DVD Focuses on Counterfeit Component Detection

Posted by Al Kiel on May 21, 2014 10:32:38 AM
elctronic-counterfeitBANNOCKBURN, Ill., USA — A newly released training video, DVD-166C, “Counterfeit Components” from IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries®, explains not only how counterfeit components find their way into the supply chain, but more important, how to detect fraudulent devices during visual inspection.Counterfeit components are an increasing challenge for the electronics industry and a potentially life-threatening issue in military, aerospace and medical electronics. “Even the best visual inspection only catches about 80 percent of all counterfeit components. 
The remaining 20 percent will escape detection and when you’re dealing with substandard or counterfeit components, 20 percent is not a good number,” said Dave Torp, IPC vice president of standards and technology. “IPC’s volunteer member community has created an essential ingredient for detection and prevention of counterfeit components – and that is training.”
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