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Different team, same fight to supply critical parts and components for the warfighter

Posted by Kasey Gehman on Jun 16, 2017 10:35:35 AM

What goes into moving military supplies from base to base or FOB to FOB? In a simple (and very safe) world, it would be as easy as loading up some tractor trailers and hitting the open highway. Maybe here in the United States, that’s the case, but over in combat zones a lot goes into moving supplies between bases and camps. For example, you would need to have mechanics get the vehicles fueled and ready, a communications guy to ensure everything is charged and working, drivers and infantrymen ready for the environment they will face, Supplies to be on time and packaged appropriately, and maybe an American aircraft to provide over watch during the movement. In my 9 years as an aviation structural/hydraulic mechanic with the United States Marine Corps, I have seen what happens when my unit does not provide those aircraft for support. Majority of the time the mission is cancelled. As a result, a base will not receive the supplies they need or a unit will not be able to start or complete their mission effectively.

Access to consistent and time sensitive supply channels can directly impact the readiness of a unit and the operations/missions they provide. When I left the Marines, I thought I would simply become a civilian and be one of those old guys who talk about their service time, but then Secure Components came knocking. At Secure Components I realized I am still in the fight, just on another team that assists in decreasing equipment downtime and protects high value supply chains. As part of the Quality Control section, I help ensure that all our components and supplies get to the front lines where they are needed in a proficient manner. And better yet, we pride ourselves in practices we take to ensure those parts are authenticated and meet the industry standard. The only thing worse than having your component be late, is when you open a box and find that it contains the wrong component or a faulty one.

Secure Components assists the Defense and Aerospace industry with procurement of obsolete or allocated electronics, Mil-spec hardware, and various other components that cannot be obtained through normal channels. Our company is AS6081 and AS9120-A certified resulting in our customers knowing they will receive customer service and more importantly the correct components that meet the highest standards within the Aerospace industry.



Serving as the Quality Control Inspector, Kasey has the responsibility of receiving components, conducting inspections, and shipping them to our customers in a proficient manner. During the inspection phase, Kasey ensures that all components meet their requirements outlined by schematics, data sheets, and purchase contracts. Kasey pulls from over 9 years of experience as an aviation structural/hydraulic mechanic in the United States Marine Corps where he has been a Quality Assurance Representative and has seen how our company can assist the Defense Industry on a personal level. Originally from Lancaster, PA, Kasey now lives in the Plymouth Meeting area with his wife after his return from the Marines. He enjoys the outdoors, fishing, woodworking, and the lifestyle that comes with owning a Jeep. The Jeep wave is real.

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