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July 23rd Webinar – First Ever Accredited Anti-Counterfeit Certification Program

Posted by Todd Kramer on Jul 1, 2013 3:14:00 PM


WebiinarThe introductions of Anti-Counterfeit Certification Programs which are governed by the new Standards AS6081, AS5553, & AS6174 have induced big change for the supply chain.   Moving a person to do things under uncertainty is often difficult – the first thing they do is freeze.   Naturally, they are scared of what they might lose.    The second thing that occurs is that when people or organizations are uncertain, they don’t look internally at themselves for the answers, because more often than not, they see ambiguity and their own lack of confidence.   Instead we look for outside sources, a center of excellence in which information can reduce the uncertainty.

Counterfeit components represent unacceptable risks in critical applications and, during the last several years, a number of stakeholders in the Aviation, Space & Defense Sectors have worked hard to devise anti-counterfeit programs that are effective and pragmatic in dealing with the threats in a globalized supply chain.  A number of standards and associated accredited conformity assessment programs have been and are being developed, to identify those organizations with robust counterfeit avoidance management systems.

DNV Business Assurance

Some of the standards include AS5553, AS6081 and AS6174, developed by SAE. Accreditation programs to verify conformance to those standards are being finalized.  DNV Business Assurance is at the forefront of the Counterfeit Avoidance Conformity Assessment (Certification) programs and Secure Components is positioned to be the first organization in the World, certified to AS6081:

We are proud to introduce a webinar produced by Det Norske Veritas (DNV), along with Secure Components, & the ECCC on July 23rd 2013. Webinar topics include:

1.  Information about Counterfeits in the Aviation, Space & Defense Sectors                            

2.  Anti-Counterfeit Standards and Conformity Assessment programs          

3.  The AS6081 Certification Journey of Secure Components                              

4.  Anti-counterfeit auditing, the view from a Certification Body                                                    

5.  Counterfeit Avoidance Mark Alliance

6.  Q&A Session

Please join us as we discuss the Counterfeit Avoidance Programs.   Ensure that you are DoDprepared and not left out in the cold, unaware of industry standards DoD has adopted and how this impacts our industry.    The DoD, your competitors, customers, and alot of the supply chain have started to adopt these new procedures.   Entities stand to lose business by not adapting.  

Please CLICK on the link to register for this webinar

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