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Your Firm’s Ally in the Fight against Counterfeit Parts

Posted by Colin Page on Jun 12, 2013 3:59:00 PM

Secure Components is a firm specializing in the procurement and validation of difficult-to source electronic and mechanical components to be used in life-critical applications.

We can partner with your firm to ensure the integrity and quick procurement of essential Alliescomponents in time-sensitive situations.  Secure Components also ensures that all parts which we deliver meet the standards set forth in National Defense Authorization Act Section 818 in order to keep counterfeit parts from entering your firm’s supply chain. This is accomplished through the implementation of a Counterfeit Avoidance Plan (CAP) which is derived from the SAE AS6081 counterfeit mitigation standard.  The use of this standard places Secure Components at the cutting edge of the international component supply industry: we are the first firm in the world to successfully complete a 3rd party audit by certification body DNV to this new international standard. Additionally, all of the parts sold by Secure come with manufacturer certifications, documentation proving traceability of the item’s chain of custody, and/or customer-approved
third party test paperwork.

Expertise in the Use of Non-Traditional Sourcing Methods

Through Secure Components’ expertise in the use of non-traditional sourcing methods, we are able to acquire needed items which are not available through your firm’s normal suppliers. These items may be mil-spec, government surplus, or aerospace-grade hardware and assemblies in addition to obsolete or out-of-production electronic components. As an AS9120-A certified supplier, we can assure not only the validity of these products, but also their quality. In order to accomplish this, we have a certified quality control engineer on staff for this exact purpose. Our ability to supply the parts which your firm may require is made possible by our relationships with traditional vendors with excess stock from which we can draw as well as other, nontraditional supply partnerships. Throughout this process, the key concern is the protection of your firm’s supply chain.

Secure Components can add value to firms who require time-sensitive and difficult-to-source parts. This is facilitated by a staff with over 40 years of industry experience combined with backgrounds in various industries, including finance, education, and the military. Secure DLAComponents has completed over 3,000 contracts for the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), specifically for items unavailable through normal procurement channels.  We are QTSL certified "Trusted Supplier" to the DLA for FSC 5961 & 5962 Electronic components offering the capability to DNA Mark components.

Additionally, five of the top ten American defense contractors make use of Secure Components’ services, as does NASA. This success is due to the Secure Components philosophy: that relationships matter.  When we are approached by a potential client, we make sure to learn the realities and challenges of their particular industry and business model.  By doing this, we hope to become your firm’s trusted partner in both procurement and the fight against counterfeit parts. To arrange a time to discuss how we can work with your organization please contact us today.  Phone:  610-551-3475 or visit our Contact Us Page.

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