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Memorial Day – A Day to Reflect

Posted by Stephan Halper on May 28, 2013 1:21:00 PM

memorial dayDuring a normal work week, I spend my days reviewing orders for the DLA, DoD, and Prime Defense Contractors, amongst others.  My primary focus during this time is part quality, delivery time, pricing, etc.  However, when I sign my name to the bottom of the order checklist, I'm reminded as to whom the part is ultimately for: The Warfighter.  Supporting America's Armed Forces comes with great responsibility, something everyone at Secure Components is aware of.  On a daily basis our sales reps are speaking to individuals that have served our country with valor and honor. Our sales manager is a former submariner, and his presence is a constant reminder to everyone at Secure Components as to what our true mission is. 

Conforming to the AS 6081 Standard

Supplying parts for the Warfighter is much more than just meeting a price and delivery time.  It's supplying quality parts, something we have taken great pride in, and not just with our words, but with our actions.  Conforming to the AS 6081 standard, submitting our application to become a certified QTSL supplier, and revamping our entire AS9120-A system are just a few of the quality enhancements our company has undergone.  This commitment to quality will help ensure that no counterfeit or non-conforming material enters the DoD supply chain.

Today when my 4 year old asks me why daddy isn't at work, I'm going to read him the names of those that we work with.  I'll explain to him that true bravery is volunteering to defend you country, and that today is a day that we thank those who have served and are currently serving.

On that note, my family and my company say THANK YOU

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