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Counterfeit Avoidance Advancement For The DOD Via Asia

Posted by Todd Kramer on Apr 26, 2013 9:40:00 AM

Over the past several months, Secure Components LLC has arranged assessments to be the IECFirst Independent Distributor in the world to demonstrate Counterfeit Mitigation Compliance.  This achievement was observed by a number of big time industry playmakers, and policy setters.

In addition to the IECQ scheme for Counterfeit Avoidance, Secure Components has also undergone an assessment for certification to the new QTSL Program by the Defense Logistics Agency.  The QTSL and QSLD Certification by the Defense Logistics Agency are the modern day QML and QPL programs.

These influential contributors include DLA, DNV, ANAB, Industry Representatives, the USNC/IECQ, members of CAMA, and the IECQ Working Group 06.  A majority of this consortium represents the technical committee responsible for the international development of the IECQ CAP Certification Program.  The results of the Secure Components assessments such as the IECQ CAP, QTSL, and Recertification to AS 9120A, will be submitted for review and approval of the IECQ CAP Scheme next week, May 2nd and 3rd at the 2013 Annual IECQ Meetings in Singapore.  Assuming the scheme is approved we will ask DNV to submit their technical findings and recommendation of Secure Components for certification.

Counterfeit Avoidance is a major initiative being driven in part by the US Senate Armed Forces Committee.  The development and deployment of the SAE AS 5553, AS 6081 and AS 6174 Standards and the IECQ CAP Conformity Assessment Scheme along with the Certification Body Accreditation Rules being developed by ANAB on an international basis are directly positioned to respond to this call to action.

While final approval for the IECQ CAP certification of Secure Components is not assured the fact that we are the first company in the world to undertake assessments to these new rigorous requirements and do so under the watchful eye of DLA, DNV, ANAB, Members of Industry, CBs, USNC/IECQ and by extension the IECQ Working Group 6 there is a significant story to be told.

In preparation for the Counterfeit Avoidance Program meetings in Singapore, input from those that have been involved in the prototype IECQ CAP AS6081 assessment of Secure Components has been gathered.    The assessment conducted by Walter Culbertson, DNV and witnessed by members of ANAB, the Boeing Company, & USNC/IECQ was the first one done under the IECQ QC 03-7 Rules of procedure and the SAE AS6081 standard.

The outcome of the assessment will be presented to the IECQ CABC & MC for their review and consideration for scheme approval.

Although not registered as one of the prototype assessments, a parallel AS5553 assessment was conducted at one of the large OEMÂ’s, who is also a member of IECQ Working Group 06.

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