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International Counterfeit Avoidance Accredited Certification Scheme

Posted by Todd Kramer on Apr 15, 2013 9:54:00 AM
How will your company benefit?

In accordance with IECQ International Conformity Assessment Rules, the USNC/IECQ Distributors Advisory Group is leading the development of the international accredited Counterfeit Avoidance Certification System, (IECQ CAS).  counterfeit circuit

The goal of the USNC/IECQ Distributors Advisory Group and its international peers is to create an international qualified parts supply chain (IQPSC) that industry can purchase from with confidence.

Certification Scheme

The IECQ CAS certification scheme is based on the requirements of the recently released SAE AS 6081, for Distributors, AS 5553 for OEMs and AS 6174 for other than electronic components. The IECQ CAS Certification Assessment is conducted by nationally accredited and IECQ recognized certification body technically qualified Lead Assessors and Subject Mater Experts.

Once a company is certified it undergoes annual surveillance to ensure its continued compliance. Failure to maintain compliance may result in decertification. IECQ maintains a no cost to users online master certificate database that is internet accessable to everyone.

Prototype assessments are now being conducted in the USA and global release of the IECQ CAS certification program is anticipated to take place in the first quarter 2013.

With industry’s insisting on IECQ CAS Certified Suppliers this international conformity assessment program will significantly reduce the Counterfeit Parts Epidemic.

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