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SAE-AS6081 Compliant Partner

Posted by admin on Jan 30, 2013 5:40:30 AM
Secure Components is excited to announce that we are the first company in the world to undergo the First Phase of Auditing to become certified to the SAE 6081 Counterfeit Mitigation Standards.

The Beginning of a New Era

The recent adoption of the SAE AS6081 Standard began back in 2007 and was started by the demand of the Aero/Defense Companies demanding industry take action towards a more transparent industry. The fact is brokers are essential and vital for the industry to function properly and profitably. The adoption of the SAE AS6081 Counterfeit Mitigation standard in December, 2012 is a giant leap forward for the electronic component brokering of “grey market” components. This international accredited standard will finally bring this industry “out of the shadows”. By bringing verifiable transparency, replacing excuses with credible facts that are both documented and shared with the customer by the AS6081 certified distributor, who are then overseen and audited by an official accredited certification body for any distributor certified to the standard. No more “false claims” and “in-house” programs marketed by brokers that have not real oversight or consequence should the broker/distributor determine the profit of one deal outweighs their ethics.

Brokers and Buyers – Must Comply for it to be called an AS6081

Our experience has taught us that often times the buyers of electronics make buying decisions based purely on price, disregarding critical testing requirements offered by reputable firms. Companies choosing to utilize AS6081 certified suppliers will ensure both broker and buyer alike must comply with every aspect of the transaction to qualify under the AS6081 standard. This will strengthen the quality of the product the industry delivers and instill confidence in the market place. This particularly affects the testing mandates that are clearly defined in AS6081. The AS6081 certifications mean that we are audited by a 3rd party certified body and are truly held to a creditable and consistent standard or face legitimate consequences. This has never before been the case. Finally those quality brokers wanting to conduct good transparent business have a vehicle in AS6081 to come from the shadows of the broker world and the customer can ensure they have received quality product. The testing procedure and transparency demands of the standard give our customers more visibility to the procurement process.

The implementation of this process has been very exciting for Secure Components. As this standard is still being established and set up throughout the industry things are changing rapidly.

Currently Secure Components is compliant to the SAE 6081 Standard and its Counterfeit Avoidance Plan is fully operations. We are expecting to be completed with the pilot certification program in the Spring of 2013

  • To learn more of exactly where Secure Components stands in its certifications and what we can offer clients in regards to this standard, please contact: Secure Components Special Counsel and Strategic Account manager, Jesse Silverman Esq,

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