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A Case Study: International Certification System Born 5-3-2013

Posted by admin on May 14, 2013 2:47:38 PM

Normally, when I leave my family for an extended period of time for business I get a nervous bug in my stomach. What will I miss on this trip? Will my six year old finally finish his first 3 inning tee-ball game, or will my 18 month old say his first complete sentence? Well last week, while traveling to the other end of the earth; I visited a fantastic place directly on the equator, but this time I had different exciting PGJ (pre-game jitters) ever been to Singapore?

I attended the most interesting management committee meeting I had the pleasure of going to in the International Electro-technical Commission (IEC) meetings. As one of three representing the United States (Lloyd Condra, Boeing & Stanley Salot, ECCC) I was amazed at how well organized the International Electro-technical Commission Quality (IECQ) System operated. This international organization writes the policies, rules and procedures that coordinate certification bodies to audit or assess organization for programs such as Counterfeit Avoidance. Since I am a member of the IECQ Working Group 06 Counterfeit Avoidance, ( our mission is to meet the needs of the Aerospace, Avionics and Military industry to combat counterfeit goods. In addition to WG06, there are working groups which you and I usually don’t pay attention to or think of, but there is a system behind the scenes, which makes our lives safer. Traveling such as flying, or our railway system, or life critical needs for example, medical devices & defense equipment which is needed to save lives would be less reliable, & more unpredictable.

One of the points on the agenda for WG06 was to develop, demonstrate, and prove the effectiveness of an audit or otherwise known as an assessment in the quality world. In the world of quality, the IECQ, members or management committee consists of certification bodies in countries representing United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Ireland, Austria, Brazil, Russia, Denmark, Finland & of course the United States. These countries determine which programs to adopt based on the working groups. The working groups work on the needs of industry. Once the countries representatives agree there is a need and business dictates, they will approve the publication of documents such as the Rules of Procedures and other operating documents which govern these audits, and thus launch the first ever internationally accredited Counterfeit Avoidance Program (CAP).

To be honest, hearing the working group agree and request that the witness assessment conducted by DNV ( on Secure Components be approved and that Secure Components receive the first IECQ CAP Certification was the only thing that made leaving my family on the other side of the world tolerable.

The WG 06, convened by Stan Salot, CEO of ECCC presented to the IECQ management committee Secure Components pilot assessment, and under Stan’s leadership, the committee voted unanimously for the industry’s first ever accredited International Certification Program focused on an organization’s Counterfeit Avoidance Plan (CAP). The committee used SAE AS5553A & AS6081 for the standards to which organizations will be held accountable to provide evidence that they have a plan in place to avoid, detect, mitigate, & dispose of counterfeit components.

As CEO of Secure Components, I can’t begin to express the pride, pleasure, and excitement that surround this historic achievement. We, as a small business in Norristown PA, are forging ahead with our counterfeit plan, and helping guide our customers through tough supply chain assessments.

Todd Kramer

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